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Nelson Ebaugh, a highly regarded attorney with a focus on securities litigation, white-collar defense, and appeals, brings his extensive expertise to assist clients in navigating complex legal challenges. With his unwavering commitment to safeguarding clients' interests, Nelson offers personalized and strategic counsel in civil and criminal cases alike. By seamlessly combining his renowned proficiency in securities litigation and appeals with exceptional skills in white-collar defense, Nelson offers comprehensive protection for individuals and businesses alike.

Benefitting from over twenty years of experience, Nelson possesses a remarkable ability to swiftly assess the strengths and weaknesses inherent in your case. Through his astute analysis, he identifies the most effective path forward, specifically tailored to your unique circumstances. By recognizing the pivotal factors and legal intricacies at hand, Nelson delivers well-informed advice and strategic guidance. With Nelson by your side, you can navigate the legal terrain with confidence.

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Securities Litigation

Nelson Ebaugh is trained and experienced with securities law, and in his career, he has represented investors, financial service firms, executives, employees, and others.

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Nelson Ebaugh brings a wealth of unique appellate law experience, successfully representing clients in both civil and criminal appeals at both the state and federal levels in Texas.

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Contract Law

White-Collar Defense

Nelson Ebaugh's white-collar defense practice leverages his extensive expertise to provide strategic counsel and robust advocacy, safeguarding clients' interests in complex legal challenges.

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Securities and Investment Fraud, White-Collar Defense, & Appellate Law

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