When it comes to appeals, Nelson Ebaugh is a standout advocate you can trust. Nelson is board certified in criminal appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. As such, Nelson's expertise in navigating the complexities of criminal appeals is undeniable. However, what truly sets him apart is his exceptional track record of appellate victories on behalf of criminal defendants where the odds were stacked against them. Through his persuasive advocacy, Nelson has achieved notable successes for his clients, such as overturning criminal convictions when there was insufficient evidence and securing reduced sentences for several defendants.

In addition to his achievements in criminal appeals, Nelson has also built an impressive history of representing clients in civil appeals. For example, he skillfully persuaded a Texas appellate court to issue a reverse and render decision in a dispute involving the Texas Declaratory Judgment Act. Furthermore, in a noteworthy bankruptcy appeal, he successfully advocated for a client, securing affirmation from the federal district court regarding the non-dischargeability of a securities fraud judgment.

What truly distinguishes Nelson is his unique background and versatility in handling appeals across a broad spectrum. With extensive experience representing parties in both criminal and civil appeals, in both federal and state courts, he brings a comprehensive expertise that allows him to craft compelling arguments and navigate the intricate realm of appellate practice with precision.

Nelson recognizes the critical importance of appellate representation and is committed to providing strategic and effective advocacy to clients seeking to challenge or defend trial court decisions. Whether you are facing a criminal conviction or involved in a civil dispute, Nelson is dedicated to guiding you through the appellate process and fighting tirelessly to protect your rights and interests.

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Skilled, Effective Representation for Appeals

When you enlist the law offices of Nelson Ebaugh, you’ll benefit from decades of civil and criminal legal experience, all supported by a steadfast commitment to providing clients with effective, thorough legal counsel.

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