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Selected Publications By Nelson S. Ebaugh

Calculating Forfeiture Money Judgments After Honeycutt, The Federal Lawyer 42 (March/April 2020).

The DOL’s New Fiduciary Duty Rule Leads to Expanded Statutory Causes of Action and a New Breach of Contract Claim, The Federal Lawyer 66 (January/February 2017).

The Liability: Why You Should Understand the Five Tests of Civil Aiding and Abetting in Texas78:5 Tex. B. J. 362 (May 2015).

The Protocol for Broker Recruiting Develops a Life of Its Own in the Courts, SEC. LITIG. J. (ABA Sec. Litig. Comm.), Spring 2010, at 1.

The Securities Claim Exemption in Bankruptcy: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Sec. Litig. J. (ABA Sec. Litig. Comm.), Fall 2008, at 14.

The Texas Supreme Court’s Curious Approach Towards Aiding and Abetting, Blue Sky Bugle (ABA Comm. on State Reg. of Sec.), Jul./Aug. 2008, at 18.

Texas’ Experiment with Finder Regulations, Blue Sky Bugle (ABA Comm. on State Reg. of Sec.), Nov. 2007, at 11.

New Finder Rules in Texas: What a Tangled Web We Weave, 45:1 The Houston Lawyer 20 (July/August 2007).

Securities regulations are oft-ignored laws in the Oil Patch, Houston Bus. J., Sept. 8, 2006, at 42.

Remedies for Defrauded Purchasers of Oil and Gas Interests Under the Securities Laws, 1 Tex. J. Oil, Gas, & Energy L. 51 (Spring 2006). Reprinted in 51:4 Landman 53 (July/August 2006).

Picking Your Battles: A Guide to Selecting Causes of Action Under Texas Law to Recover for Suitability Violations, 9:1 J. Tex. Consumer L. 8 (Fall 2005) (coauthored with Grace D. O’Malley). Previously published in 12:1 PIABA B.J. 43 (Spring 2005).

Paying Out of Pocket: Why WorldCom and Enron Shouldn’t Worry Outside Directors, Executive Legal Adviser, March 2005, at 18. Previously published as Outside Directors Pay Out of Pocket in Securities Settlements, Tex. Lawyer, Jan. 24, 2005, at 37.

Insider Trading Liability for Tippers and Tippees: A Call for the Consistent Application of the Personal Benefit Test, 39 Tex. J. Bus. L. 265 (2003).

Refining the Racial Gerrymandering Claim: Bush v. Vera, 33 TULSA L.J. 613 (1997).

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